The Horse is a Metaphor for Your Life

The horse is a metaphor for your world, environment and life. A steady rhythmic horse, the first level on the training scale, provides riders with an opportunity to move up the scale and to accomplish new things.

A steady rhythmic life provides an opportunity to thrive, learn new things and move forward. When we are stuck in our lives then we should look to our world for inconsistencies. Take a critical look at your days, your routine, living environment and finances. Look at the people around you. Are they supportive? When we are surrounded by loving, supportive people life begins to feel steady and consistent, and we may begin to feel comfortable enough to take opportunities to move forward, even just a little.

Steady finances/income may offer the stability needed to take a class or join a book group. When days are spent worrying about basic needs there is little room for growth.  When the horse’s basic movement is hindered by a lameness issue and moving forward is physically difficult then there is no room to try to move up the training scale. There is no way to move forward.

A thriving horse has fresh hay, clean accessible water and loving caretakers. The environment in which we live requires fresh fruit and vegetables, high quality proteins and loving, thoughtful people all around.

Take inventory of your world.  What horse are you riding? Is your horse lame? If so, find a horse that moves in a steady, rhythmic pace to facilitate moving forward in your life.